White Chesterfield Photo Booth Panels Skins In Gloss

The skin is made up and ready for dispatch. See below for the full product description.

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Photo Booth Skins for Oval Photo Booth

These will fit PBUK or similar framed oval photo booths.  The highest quality oval skins money can buy,

Panels Size

1009mm  x 1997mm Panel A – Right side panel next to the door

992mm x 1997mm Panel B – Right side panel at the rear of the booth

980mm x 1997mm Panel C – Rear panel

992mm x 1997mm Panel D – Left side panel at the rear of the booth

1009mm x 1997mm Panel E – Left side panel next to the door

Special properties of our PVC panels

  • Excellent printability
  • Homogeneously smooth surface for good paint adhesion
  • High cold-impact strength
  • Flame retardant, highest fire rating, self-extinguishing
  • Long-term service temperature -20
  • Highly impact resistant
  • High UV and weather resistance

Maintenance of skins

1. Store indoors at room temperature

2. Keep in a ventilated environment

3. Keep away from sources of heat

4.  Roll and Store skins print side out.

 FREE Velcro (Fitted)

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