8ft*8ft Rustic Wood with Fairy Lights and Party Streamers Backdrop, With or Without Tension Frame

8ft*8ft Rustic Wood with Fairy Lights and Party Streamers Backdrop. 

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8ft*8ft Rustic Wood with Fairy Lights and Party Streamers Backdrop. This tension fabric display kit is very easy to assemble. It consists of a lightweight, but strong, aluminium frame, with a middle support bar for extra strength, and a stunning, wrinkle-free, tension fabric, pillowcase backdrop. Very easy to assemble, in less than 10 minutes for a quick and easy set up.

The backdrop is a high quality wrinkle-free tension fabric graphic, showing a vivid detailed picture. The colour won't fade and it will stay attractive looking. The backdrop is also washable. Zips up at the bottom. The backdrop folds into a neat nylon bag with a drawstring to close.

The frame is a lightweight interlocking pole system that just slides together. It has an added middle bar for strength and support. Then just slide the backdrop over the frame like a pillowcase. The frame packs up into a very handy, lightweight Oxford style carrying bag.

• Rustic wood with fairy lights Backdrop
• Party Streamer Backdrop
• Stunning 8ft x 8ft double sided backdrop
• Lightweight 8ft x 8ft aluminium fame
• Very strong frame with middle support bar
• Heat transfer tension fabric backdrop with zip
• Wrinkle free fabric with zip fastener
• Oxford style carrying bag